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Powerful, yet easy-to-use software for organizing your entire hiring process:
  • Post jobs online to free and premium job boards
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and track candidates easily
  • Conduct better interviews to prevent bad hires
  • Get better at hiring using benchmarks and data
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    hire without the hassle

    Make recruiting what your company does best

    Jazz helps your company perfect the art of recruiting, one step at a time.

    1. Get candidates.

    Post jobs to your website, popular job boards and social networks.

    Increase your job traffic by 500%

    2. Get organized.

    Manage all your jobs, candidates and recruiting tasks in one secure place.

    Reduce your time in email by 70%

    3. Get hiring.

    Profile the ideal hire, conduct better interviews and make better offers.

    Reduce your hiring tasks by 50%

    4. Get better.

    Use detailed reports, recruiting analytics and big data to improve your hiring.

    Cut your time to hire by over 25%
    Unlimited job postings

    Broadcast your jobs everywhere candidates are looking

    Get more candidates by posting unlimited jobs to free job boards, premium job boards and social networks.

    Applicant Tracking system

    Rank, track, and discuss candidates with your team

    Everything you need to optimize HOW and WHO your company hires.

    Get more with jazz

    Supercharge every aspect of your recruiting process

    Jazz gives you robust recruiting tools so you'll be able to accomplish more.

    Recruiting Teams & Roles
    Assign people or groups to one or more jobs with varying roles and responsibilities.
    Sync & Schedule
    Sync employee personal calendars so everyone stays up-to-date on all recruiting events.
    Email Communication
    Store email templates in Jazz and reuse them to quickly communicate with candidates.
    Batch Actions
    Perform a variety of actions on many candidates at once, including delete.
    Keep sensitive data private by restricting access to people, teams and groups.
    Custom Privileges
    Change the default privilege settings of the different types of user accounts.
    Task Management
    Manage your personal list of recruiting tasks and assign tasks to others.
    Recruiting Workflow
    Track the progression of candidates through customizable recruiting stages.
    Communication Threads
    Share feedback and notes with collaborators simply by mentioning their name.
    Duplicate Detection
    Easily find and merge duplicate candidates in a few easy steps.
    Job Approvals
    Submit jobs for review and approval before they can be made public.
    Protected class data collected through the job application remains confidential.
    Custom reports & analytics

    Unlock your Recruiting Data

    Fine tune your recruiting strategy by exposing problem areas to refocus and realign your hiring efforts.

    Custom Reports
    Get unprecedented access to your data with 100% customizable reports.
    Sourcing Reports
    Identify where your best candidates are found to focus your efforts.
    Pipeline Reports
    Identify the stages and activities in your process that create bottlenecks.
    Compliance Reports
    Fulfill reporting requirements and be prepared to address legal matters.
    powerful insights

    Big Data Recruiting Analytics

    Benchmark your entire recruiting process using the industry's first big data tool: Jazz CROWD.

    Top Skills of Candidates
    Learn the top skills you should expect a qualified candidate to possess.
    Top Schools for Candidates
    Learn what colleges and universities deliver the most candidates.
    Top Sources of Candidates
    Learn the top job boards for candidates that ultimately get hired.
    Recruiting Efficiency Metrics
    Benchmark your time to hire and other metrics with other companies.
    Compensation Data
    Use BLS data to research average competitive salaries in your area.
    We're well-connected

    Jazz integrates with all your favorite tools

    Streamline you entire hiring process with our powerful integrations.

    Easily import new hire information into one of these leading employee data management solutions:
    Passive Talent Sourcing
    Find more passive candidates and grow your talent pool with one of these candidate sourcing solutions:
    Challenge candidates using a series of online skills tests:
    Video Interviews
    Screen candidates using recorded answers to questions, or interview candidates virtually:
    Single Sign On
    Seamlessly access all of your Jazz integrations with one universal log-in, powered by:
    Background Checks
    Screen candidates safely, compliantly and efficiently with the following solutions:
    “ Jazz is so easy; it’s so much more efficient. It saves at least 10 hours a month for each of our hiring managers. ”
    Emily Ahrens HEAD OF HR

    Perfect for companies that need a robust, easy-to-use applicant tracking solution.

    Ideal for companies who:

    1. Need a customizable process
    2. Have more than 50 employees
    3. Hire new staff most of the year
    4. Want a better interview process

    Join thousands of companies that use Jazz to recruit winning teams every day.